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Silicone hand clip

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Product advantages.
Made of HOSE tube by PTFE, outer layer, made of stainless steel SUS3O4 and SUS3 16 braided net, strengthens the hardness of HOSE pipe.
Improves pressure resistance, and connects all kinds of fast joints. Softness, repeated bending, bending resistance, tensile resistance, corrosion resistance,high temperature resistance.
There are many matching joints. so it is easy to connect with instruments and equipment.
Outer packing materials can be freely selected and suitable for any occasion。
According to the shape of the joint can be processed and delivered quickly, once the problem can be soked quickly.
Silicone hand clip
Texlink is a professional manufacturer of silicone, rubber and plastic. Our company is located in the beautiful climate of Huizhou, with good management from raw materials to finished products, especially focusing on after-sales service. 
Texlink company is a professional silicone products manufacturer with dust-free production workshop, specializing in silicone accessories, silicone keys, silicone covers, silicone jewelry, silicone kitchenware, silicone other products and other silicone products!
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