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Color silicone kitchenware set

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kitchen color silicone cookware set wooden handle silicone cooking spatula spoon 12 sets of kitchen utensils
Product name: wooden handle silicone kitchenware set
Item No.: jr020115-jr020125
Size: food clip: 27*4, 110g
Scraper: 32 * 6.7cm, 98g
Flat spatula: 32.5*7cm, 78g
Soup spoon: 32*8cm, 85g
Dense spoon: 32*7cm, 69g
Spatula: 32.5*8cm, 72.5g
Powder claw: 32*6cm, 75g
Whisk: 24*6.5cm, 40g
Spoon: 32*7cm, 67.5g
Material: beech wood + silicone
Weight (gross weight/net weight): 1100g/990g
Package: color box;
Color box size: less than 9 sets of kitchenware color box 10 * 9 * 33.5cm (green color box)   
With kitchenware barrel color box 13.1 * 13.1 * 34cm (yellow color box)
Packing rate: 16 sets/box
Box size: 55.3*55*35.2cm
Outer box (net weight / gross weight): 15.7kg / 18.3kg
Color silicone kitchenware set
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