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Anti-slip silicone rubber mat

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Name: custom rubber feet, non-slip silicone rubber mats, grid rubber furniture feet, rubber non-slip gasket piece
Material: silicone, rubber, double-sided adhesive
Specifications: according to customer demand
Type of supply: to the picture to sample batch customization
The rubber foot pad is made of synthetic rubber and double-sided adhesive, and the vulcanized synthetic rubber is processed by rubber treatment agent and pasted on double-sided adhesive stamping.
      It not only provides people with daily life or electrical products, hardware tools, furniture and furniture, medical equipment, light industry and other industrial products of rubber auxiliary products, rubber feet pad beautiful appearance, easy to use and has a non-slip, anti-collision, shock, temperature, noise, etc. With the improvement of people's living standards, rubber feet pad has been widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, furniture and furniture, hardware and tools, sports equipment, metal products, musical instrument products, light industrial products and so on.
      Industrial rubber feet usually have transparent rubber mats, rubber feet, silicone feet, round feet, semi-round transparent feet, rubber mats, silicone mats, rubber mats, PU rubber mats, PVC mats, EPDM transparent mats, glass rubber mats, PORON mats, hemispherical feet, hemispherical rubber mats, glass mats, anti-collision mats, anti-slip mats, anti-vibration feet, etc..
     Rubber foot mats should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse, away from heat sources, more than 20cm away from the ground and walls, sealed with packing plastic bags to avoid the influence of acid, alkali, oil and other corrosive products. Do not place in the open air and avoid direct sunlight.
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