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As everyone's standard of living improves every day, the perfectionist in everyone's daily life has shifted from worrying about food and clothes to the current eco-friendly environment. Of course, at this moment in history, silicone kitchenware has also entered every home. In restaurant kitchens, colorful and beautiful silicone tableware for home use is rapidly becoming popular. Do you use them? Can you distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of silicone cookware? Today, I will provide you with a list of professional skills related to silicone cookware.
  Silicone products are common in silicone kitchenware, which is made of food-grade silicone and used as raw material for restaurant kitchen tableware products, coupled with anti-yellowing and anti-color platinum vulcanization accelerators and processed by stamping. Food grade silicone itself is non-toxic, colorless and odorless. It is malleable in molecular form, so that all compounds do not develop and precipitate easily at low and high geographical temperatures. Tests have shown that cooking oil is usually about 250 degrees when fully boiled, and that everyone's silicone cookware can operate at 300 degrees for extended periods of time. Silicone cookware is about everyone's life and health. Of course, green and zero environmental pollution is a greater concern for everyone.
  Compared with traditional tableware, silicone cookware enriches the color of tableware and makes everyone look more attractive in the kitchen. The soft raw material properties of silicone cookware will not easily damage the non-stick Teflon layer; Silicone cookware is mold resistant and is less likely to adversely affect aflatoxin regardless of geography, thus ensuring the health of loved ones, easier elimination and cost savings, and more convenient and quicker home storage. Therefore, silicone cookware has many advantages, so why not use it?