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Are the products made of liquid silicone environmentally friendly?

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Liquid silicone is a type of silicone industry, its appearance makes silicone products become the same type of plastic products, plastic substitutes, more than that, plastic can not do the products, liquid silicone can do, after all, today's liquid silicone has reached the edible grade, this plastic is far from catching up, such as baby silicone pacifier, bottle, facial cleansing brush, etc., these products plastic can not do.
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Liquid silica gel is a highly active adsorbent material, belongs to the amorphous Thai silica gel substance, the chemical molecular formula is XSi-yH2O, silica gel unlike other products, it does not dissolve in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, in addition to these, liquid silica gel material is also non-flammable, under normal circumstances, is not with the general chemical substances of any reaction, because, high adsorption, good thermal stability of the reason, so Liquid silica gel has always been loved by the majority of users.
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It is said that different products have different characteristics, before the silicone editor I do not believe, but, after I contacted the liquid silicone, I found that this statement is really very reasonable, today the world is advocating environmental protection, and silicone inside the division of liquid silicone, really because to respond to the world's call, after all, the edible grade of silicone compared to plastic, its material and it has non-toxic, harmless characteristics, which is now should be promoted and widely used. This is the best way that should now be promoted and widely promoted.